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Michael Henrik Damkvist

Head of IT Nordics - Miele

About me

I have more than 35 years of experience in IT management, where I have excelled in analyzing, designing, and developing complex systems. I have also led IT departments and managed virtual teams, overseeing various IT and business operations. As a data architect and strategist, I can align technology with business goals, ensuring smooth integration of business processes. I have a track record of achieving outstanding results and building strong professional relationships in my network..

Key Highlights:

  • Leadership Excellence: As a leader of a virtual team of 7 IT experts in the Nordics, I have delivered impactful IT initiatives and ensured smooth operations across the region.
  • Strategic IT Projects: I excel at developing and executing IT projects that align technology solutions with business requirements and boost efficiency and productivity.
  • Data Architecture and Integration: I have led efforts in data architecture and integration, improving the company’s data management practices and enhancing decision-making processes.
  • Security and Governance: I have implemented comprehensive security and governance measures, prioritizing data protection and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  • IT Services and Infrastructure Management: I have overseen IT services and infrastructure, providing vital support for business operations and maintaining a stable and secure IT environment.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: I have collaborated with cross-functional teams to enhance user experience, maximizing the efficiency and usability of IT systems.
  • My career demonstrates my unwavering commitment to excellence in IT management and my relentless drive to align technology seamlessly with organizational goals.


Head of IT Nordics at Miele
01-2021 > Present

As an exceptional IT service provider, I align my work with the business strategy and ensure that the IT applications and infrastructure meet both current and future needs. I also manage IT security, compliance, and support services according to the business requirements. I lead the Nordic IT teams to achieve the One Global IT vision and coordinate with the global strategy while excelling in local operations. I plan and allocate budgets effectively to meet the business objectives. I offer comprehensive IT services across all four Nordic markets, covering infrastructure, applications, support, and financial planning. I oversee a team of 7 IT experts spread across the Nordics, who have been supporting both Nordic and Baltic regions since 2022. I focus on key areas, build strong relationships with the business, value ideas over hierarchy, enhance network efficiency, promote open-mindedness, and encourage innovative pioneers.

IT Manager at Miele A/S
02-2000 > 01-2021

As the IT manager, I am responsible for the company’s IT resources, data and procedures. I ensure that they align with the company’s strategy, directives, business areas, guidelines and budget. I also manage the IT assets, projects, data systems, budgets, infrastructure, development, security, services, helpdesk, governance and coordination of data and telecommunication. I lead the SAP business projects and GDPR compliance. I coordinate a team of business key-users, a test team and a Nordic EDI project team.

IT Manager at Dansikring A/S
01-1993 > 02-2000

II was responsible for all IT aspects, such as assets, projects, data systems, infrastructure, development, security, services and telecommunications. I also streamlined, standardized and integrated the IT resources, data and procedures to match the company’s strategy, directives, guidelines and best practices. The most rewarding and challenging project I managed was the creation, development and oversight of the Cash Management system. This system was used by the biggest supermarket chains in Denmark (FDB/Coop, Dansk Supermarked) to collect and count their daily income, order spare cash and report electronically. It also had vehicle tracking, alert management and other features.

IT Systems Developer at Zürich Forsikring
07-1986 > 01-1993

I was part of a small team that established and expanded a local IT department in Denmark. I developed Insurance Business Applications using Synon/2 and RPG programming languages, in consultation with Key Users. I also built life-insurance systems for calculation, quotation, order, and forecast, which could be distributed to the sales force team. Additionally, I created systems for security and automation.

Programmer at Statsanstalten for Livsforsikring
08-1978 > 07-1986

My career in life insurance software development started as a trainee at HMX business/commerce education, where I learned about insurance mathematics, forecasting, pensions, prognosis, and more. I used Cobol and PL/1 to create software for policy management and calculations. My fascination with computers began when I trained with hollerith punched cards. The ZX80 Spectrum was the first computer I encountered, followed by the IBM XT personal computer. Since then, my passion for computing has grown.

Other projects

Web design at SilverGlam,
Web design & Social Media at Geordie,
Web design at Bloody Dice,
Social Media at The Sweet,
Web design at The Ultimate Sweet Site,
Web design at Weapon,
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Programmed the Matanas game in 1989


Official Lord of Ghaol Ghlean

Owner & CEO at Sweetlife ApS.

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